Slovenian Defence Industry Cluster


Arhiv: Foreign Defence Attachés Visited Slovenia Defence Industry Cluster

 On Decembe 6th 2016 an introductory meeting with the representatives of Slovenian defence industry for foreign military defense attachés took place at the headquarters of the Defence Industry Cluster of Slovenia. They were on a two-day visit to Slovenia at the invitation of the Slovenian Ministry of Defence.

The meeting was attended by 19 defence attachés from the US, China, France, Hungary, Austria, Great Britain, Poland, Greece, Germany, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Brazil, Netherlands, France, Argentina, Slovakia, Canada, Iran and Azerbaijan.

Representatives of the companies Arex, Artos, Armas and Le Tehnika presented their products and services in the field of defence and security protection in the form of brochures and PowerPoint presentations, which was given by.

Upon arrivalm high foreign guests were receiveed by the General Director of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, Samo Hribar Milič, MA and Jože Renar, MsC, Director of Defence Industry Cluster of Slovenia.

   >>> PowerPoint presentations: