Slovenian Defence Industry Cluster


Arhiv: Defence Exhibition Eurosatory 2016 is closed

2016 Eurosatory, Paris, 13-17 June, recognized as a leader in the defence field in Europe, recorded 57.018 visitors from 151 countries, 1.572 exhibitors from 56 countries, 213 official delegations from 94 countries and the presence of 1.018 journalists is closed .

Slovenian defence industry was presented in the common booth of 156m2. Exhibition attended 16 Slovenian companies and institutions: Arex l.l.c. Sentjernej; Artos Group d.o.o .; Astral d.o.o C .; Dat - Con d.o.o .; Elan d.o.o .; Em.tronic d.o.o .; Guardiaris d.o.o .; Le - Tehnika l.l.c. Kranj; Mil Sistemika d.o.o .; Oxygenium d.o.o .; Litija spinning mill d.o.o .; Prevent & Deloza d.o.o .; Strato, Milos Milosavljevic SpA; Trival Antennas d.o.o .; The Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Slovenia and the Slovenian defence industry cluster, g.i.z. (GOIS).

 A few highlights from the sessions,